Streaming the Senators and Canadiens with NHL LIVE



If you live in the portion highlighted in red (Eastern Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes), you live in the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators broadcasting region.

Since NHL LIVE is an out-of-market product, this means that with a subscription, you are blacked out from streaming the “home” team in any given market. To simplify, if you live within the red area, encompassing Ontario, east of Belleville, Quebec and the Maritimes, you will be blacked out from watching regional Canadiens and Senators games.

Note: If you are a Senators or Canadiens fan but live outside of Eastern Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes, an NHL LIVE subscription allows you to watch the Senators and Canadiens, as you are then out-of-market.

Note: The above game count chart is for guidance purposes and reflects the shortened 2020-21 NHL seasonThe number of games beside each team is what a user in Eastern Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes can expect with a subscription to NHL LIVE.

With a full season subscription to NHL LIVE™, you would be blacked out from streaming 40 Senators and 34 Canadiens regional games. You would, however, be able to stream all national games for both teams—16 Senators games and 22 Canadiens games.

National games are ones that can be viewed by everybody from coast to coast on programs such as Hockey Night in Canada and Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey. Aside from national Canadiens and Senators games, you would also be able to watch over 500 national and out-of-market NHL games (including all outdoor games and regional games for other teams), as well as the entire 2021 Stanley Cup® Playoffs.

If you think that you may lie on the boundary between regions and are unsure of which one you fall within, check out our handy What Can I Watch? tool. Simply follow the link, choose your province and the team you’re attempting to watch and enter your postal code—it will tell you which region you are in and which games are available to you.

Region Boundaries

East of Kingston Includes: Pembroke, Renfrew, Perth, Brockville and Gananoque on the Western boundary Includes: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & Newfoundland & Labrador

  • The Regional Boundaries are not cleanly defined
  • Some people along the regional boundaries may fall in or out of a given region based on the postal code definitions provided by the NHL


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