How do blackouts work?

Blackouts only apply to Regional (or “in-market”) NHL games. National games and out-of-market games are not subject to blackouts.

Blackouts are applied based on four criteria:

  1. The region where a fan is when they view a live NHL game
  2. The NHL team or teams that are considered in-market for that region
  3. Whether the fan is attempting to view a game involving the in-market team(s) for that region
  4. Whether the game they are attempting to watch is a regional game or a national game

If a user is attempting to watch a regional game, they will be blacked out for them on NHL LIVE, as it is designed for out-of-market viewing. 

For example: If a user lives in Calgary and is attempting to watch a regional Flames game, they will be blacked out. However, if the user lived in Toronto but wanted to watch that same Flames game, they could, as the Flames are considered out-of-market in Ontario.