What is the difference between NHL LIVE™ and Sportsnet NOW™?

NHL LIVE™ and Sportsnet NOW™ are opposite products from one another, serving two different types of sports fans.

For example, if you are a Calgary Flames fan, but you live in Montreal, you cannot watch Calgary games because Montreal is the local team (known as the “in-market” team). This would make you an out-of-market hockey fan. If you want to watch games that don’t involve your local team, NHL LIVE™ is the product for you. To find out more about what games would be available in your region, proceed to our What Can I Watch? tool.

Sportsnet NOW™ is the opposite. If you are a Calgary Flames fan and live in Alberta, the Flames would be your in-market team. As a result, Sportsnet NOW™ is the product for you.

Note: NHL LIVE access is now included in a subscription to SN NOW+. Proceed to snnow.ca for more details.


NHL LIVE™ gives you access to over 1,000 national & out-of-market games for the 2021-22 NHL® Season, including the 2022 Stanley Cup® Playoffs. Regional restrictions apply. ​

$179.99/ season
  • Watch 1,000 national* & out-of-market games and the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Watch full game replays soon after the game has ended (blackout restrictions for in-market games lifted 48 hours after games).


If you have already subscribed to NHL LIVE™ via iTunes or Google Play, please register via settings page in the app to watch across all devices.


*National games include: Hockey Night in Canada, Wednesday Night Hockey and Hometown Hockey
1. For details on purchase, refund and auto-renewal policies, see NHL LIVE Terms of Service.
2. If you have subscribed through the iTunes App Store or Google Play, their purchase and refund policies apply.
3. Blackouts restrictions for in-market games lifted 48 hours after game