French Language Game Availability

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Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada

The Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators are both the local in-market teams in this region of Canada. You are blacked out from viewing regional games for both of these teams in French if you live in this broadcast region.

Region Boundaries From Brighton / Colborne (including Belleville / Trenton) Eastward within Ontario Includes: Brighton/Colborne, Belleville / Trenton, Warkworth/Hastings, Norwood/Havelock, Warsaw/Lakefield, Apsley, Bancroft/Harcourt at the Western boundary Includes: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & Newfoundland & Labrador

  • The Regional Boundaries are not cleanly defined
  • Some people along the regional boundaries may fall in or out of a given region based on the postal code definitions provided by the NHL

Rest of Canada – this is the region where the NHL Out-of-Market French Package is sold

French games available in NHL LIVE:

  • All regional French games
    • RDS is the French broadcaster for in-market Habs and Sens games on TV
    • These games are available within the NHL Out-of-Market French Package
  • All TVA national games are not included in NHL LIVE

Region Boundaries West of, but not including, Belleville / Trenton within Ontario Includes: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, BC, Yukon


NHL LIVE gives you access to hundreds national & out-of-market games for the 2020-21 NHL season, plus every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Regional restrictions apply.​

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  • Stream the final weeks of the regular season, plus the 2021 Stanley Cup® Playoffs
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*National games include: Hockey Night in Canada, Wednesday Night Hockey and Hometown Hockey
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2. If you have subscribed through the iTunes App Store or Google Play, their purchase and refund policies apply.
3. Blackouts restrictions for in-market games lifted 48 hours after game